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Laundry Mama fundraiser is here

Laundry MamaWe’re kicking off our fundraiser efforts this year with something new — Laundry Mama cleaning products. These are high quality laundry and dish detergent items — the same Tide, Gain and Cascade that you would normally buy in a store, just repackaged in bulk.

Students were given information and an order form in class last Thursday. You can also find the order form and other info below. Here’s a rundown of the details:

  • The fundraiser dates are Thursday, August 11 – Thursday, August 25. Please return the order form and all money to Mr. Kramer by August 25.
  • Delivery is expected to be Wednesday, September 14.
  • 50% of the money any student raises will be added to his or her personal band account. The money in personal accounts can be used for any band related expenses such as Honor Band or solo/ensemble registration fees, marching band shoes or gloves, concert attire, trips, etc.
  • The remaining 50% will go into the general band fund to help with instrument repair, purchasing music, or other expenses.


Part of what makes this a great fundraiser is that we’re selling something that everyone needs. It shouldn’t be hard to find customers! Plus, some of our families have purchased the products from other groups and vouch for their quality.

If you have questions, please contact Christy Hunt, VP of Fundraising.

Thank you for your support — go, Wolverines!


Laundry Mama order form

Laundry Mama info 1

Laundry Mama info 2